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Dark or Light Flooring – Which one to choose?

Selecting the right wood colour is a big decision.

If you’re trying to choose between light, dark, or any other colour of wood flooring, there are two main factors we consider; the style of the room, and the light in the room.

Style of the Room
Starting from scratch and redecorating the whole room gives you the widest range of choice on flooring.

If you’re keeping your existing furniture and the floors are new, it is very important to think of the whole scope of the room with both options of dark and light flooring. We recommend not choosing a floor that matches your existing furniture; it will make the floor and furniture compete for attention, instead of complementing each other.

We find that light wood floors work best in a room with dark and heavy furniture – the contrast helps create a light and modern look.

On the other hand, dark wood floors work best with neutral, light-toned furniture and walls – they create a warmer look.

Other colours, such as Greys, or Natural Oak finishes, sit somewhere in the middle (which perhaps explains why they are so popular).

Finally, colour can be used in your design scheme, with both light or dark flooring, as long as you follow the same rules as above; lighter colours with darker floors and vice versa.

Light or dark floors.

Size of the Room
Light wood floors often work best if you are trying to make a smaller room look bigger. They create a more spacious feel as they refract the natural light around your space

Dark wood floors, on the other hand, make a room feel smaller. They work best in large, bright rooms, where the natural light washes across the floorboards. This also allows you to see the details of the floor, such as the grains and knots, giving your space character.

Be bold with colour.

If you need more information or have any further questions on floor colour, please let us know on We know how important it is to make the right choice, as choosing the right floor finish, can make or break your design scheme.

What flooring Interior Designers are choosing this Summer…

As with many businesses, we’ve seen a significant slowdown over recent months. But fortunately, as lockdown has eased, we’ve seen business pick up, and now we’re hoping for a busy Summer. As we’ve dealt with before, choosing your new floor can be a scary; there are so many options, the tendency is to go for the safer “natural wood” option. At Kite, we’re lucky to work with a number of bold designers, who set the trends for 2020 and beyond. So what are they choosing for their flooring options?

  1. Darker finishes

We had so many enquiries when we launched our business about darker finishes we developed our own darker colour scheme. As you can see from the images, darker wood creates warmth within a room. Contrasted against white walls, a dark floor can also make a room feel larger. Often people are nervous about going for a dark finish, but remember, in most rooms you have rugs and other items of furniture, which create contrast. Our finishes come with both a satin and rustic look.

Dark finish, with Satin texture.

This product can be viewed within our Newington Range –

2. Parquet boards, again in a dark finish.

Again this creates warmth, and contrasted with white walls, makes the room feel bigger. The most common forms of Parquet, are Chevron and Herringbone, and both can stretch the appearance of a room; if parquet is laid widthways, the room feel wider, lengthways, the room feels longer. Parquet also makes a design statement with your floor. We love the way this Chevron floor has been used in the Hoxton Hotel, Paris.

Dark finished Chevron in the Hoxton Hotel, Paris

This product is part of our Bespoke flooring collection. Please contact us for a sample.

3. Wide, long boards

As a minimum, our clients have been requesting a 19cm width board, but we’ve also had a number of requests for wider boards, sometimes up to 23cm. Wider boards are normally specified for larger properties with high ceilings, but we’re also seeing them specified by designers, in smaller new-build apartments as well. Here is an example, from one of our manufacturing partners, with a wide board in a new build apartment –

Wide, long boards in a new-build apartment

Almost all our products are available in varying widths.

4. Three strip floor wood floors can become a feature…

Whilst not in our core range, we also offer a three-strip engineered product (these floors have three strips of wood on a single plank). These are often the cheapest form of engineered wood and are popular with Developers (it’s engineered wood, at the cheapest price!?….). With some products, you can barely see the strips, however, when part of a Mid-Century scheme, the strips can be accentuated, and like parquet, can become a feature. Here it is looking suitable retro, with a Mid-Century chair.

A three strip, natural oak board.

For advice, samples and pricing on three strip boards, or any of the other products listed here, contact us at

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