Flooring you can be proud of….

At Kite, we’re on a mission to find you the right floor, at a fair price. This doesn’t always mean recommending an expensive floor. We’re really proud of our Laminate flooring (unlike many other wood providers…), and will often recommend it.

Our laminate straight board is priced at £26 per m2.

Our laminate Herringbone is priced at £33 per m2.

This is obviously significantly cheaper than our wood flooring (about half the price). Our laminate is realistic to wood and extremely hard wearing (it comes with a lifetime guarantee). Whilst, it is possible to tell the difference between laminate and wood, and certainly, assuming we had the budget, we would opt for wood floors in our homes, there are situations where laminate works just fine.

For example, perhaps you’re fitting floors in an investment property, or if you’re low on budget at the end of a build. It also works if you’ve decided to prioritise other aspects in a new house, for example a new kitchen, or if the property is not going to be your forever home. In some scenarios, certainly in premium properties, you may add value to your home with wood floors, but in mid-range properties, a high-quality laminate may still achieve your desired outcome.

Our laminate flooring is made in Belgium, from sustainably sourced timber (it’s PEFC™ certified, as per our engineered wood). It’s not plastic, as some people think, but made from compressed wood particles that are topped with a photographic layer, with a durable layer on top. That description doesn’t sound much, but technology has moved on to the extent that often it is hard to tell laminate from the actual wood flooring!

All our laminates are available in 100s of colours, but we’ve found the most realistic to wood are the lighter colours and the greys. To explore our recommended options, click on the images below.

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