Herringbone Laminate

Laminate – Herringbone

We’re proud of our Laminate, especially our Laminate Herringbone.

Whilst our Laminate Herringbone does not have the depth of colour of real wood options, for those looking for a patterned floor on a budget, it’s a great choice. Whilst this product is available in a range of colours, we particularly like the greys, and lighter colours, as we feel these are more realistic to natural wood.

This Laminate is super hard wearing, which makes it perfect for commercial premises, where a wood product may be damaged. For residential properties it comes with a lifetime guarantee.

The Herringbone Laminate is priced at £36 per m2. To order samples, please contact info@kite-flooring.com

Texas Grey

Texas Grey - Room Shot

Java Light Grey

Java Light Grey - Room Shot

Charme Light

Charme Light Natural - Room Shot

Chestnut White

Chestnut White - Room Shot

Texas Grey

Texas Grey - Close-Up

Java Light Grey

Java Light Grey - Close-up

Charme Light Natural - Close-up

Charme Natural - Close-up

Chestnut White - Close-up

Chestnut White - Close Up

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