Laminate Straight Board

Laminate – Straight Board

We’re proud of our Laminate. It’s a floor that just works…

For straight board, we recommend a 7mm floor, in light neutral or grey shades. Whilst darker colours are available, for this type of floor, we find these shades are both more realistic, and more versatile from a design perspective. The planks are 190mm wide (which is similar to our mid-range wood products), and 1,288mm in length.

Laminate is super hard wearing, and comes with a lifetime guarantee for Residential properties, and a 5 year guarantee for Commercial use. It is regularly specified by our professional clients, especially Developers and Investors, who know that for many properties, this floor will deliver everything they require, at a great price point.

And the best bit? Our Laminate is priced at £26 per m2. To order samples, please contact

Laminate - Elm Light

Elm Light

Crush Light

Crush Light

Chestnut White

Chestnut White

Elm Light - Close Up

Elm Light - Close-up

Crush Light

Crush Light - Close-Up

Chesnut White

Chestnut White - Close-up

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Up to 30 year warranty on our flooring

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