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Our Hampton Range is our most affordable range, not because the quality of the wood is any less, but because each floor is treated with straight-forward oils, and very few processes.

Here, the wood creates the character, with knots, and swirling grain, rather than oils, or finishing techniques, which is the case, with some of our more premium ranges. The oils are used to cover the knots, giving less contrast compared with some of our other floors.

Available in 4 finishes, it is an Oiled straight board, with a 3mm top layer, and a ply core.

These boards are available in either 19cm or 21cm wide boards, 14mm thick, and come in 190cm lengths.

Prices: 19cm width £50 per m2, 21cm width £60 per m2

*21cm not available in the Smoked.

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