Order Samples

We offer a free sampling service on our two best selling wood ranges, the Newington, and the and the Kent. We also offer the service on our laminate floors.

The Newington is priced at £58 per m2 for the Lewis, and all other floors in this range are £63 per m2.

The Kent range is £65 per m2 for Herringbone and £85 per m2 for Chevron.

Our laminate is priced at £26 per m2 for straight board, and £36 per m2 for Herringbone.

Just order the samples by clicking on the finish you’d like to see below.

Note, for all our other ranges we offer a service where customers can view our large boards at our Shoreditch showroom, and then take them back to their property. This is the best way for customers to make a decision given natural light will always effect floor finish. Just contact us to book an appointment on info@kite-flooring.com.

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