Nationwide Local Service - We deliver a bespoke survey in 48 hours, anywhere in the UK.

Our Nationwide Local Service – a service designed for nationwide property professionals.

The flooring industry is big, which is no surprise given everyone needs floors!

Most estimates put the UK market at around £2bn. But as a market, it is typified by large scale manufacturers working with small, localised retailers and fitters.

With their well-funded Research and Development departments, these manufacturers have invested heavily in product innovation over the last few years. For this reason, the quality of laminate is now unrecognisable to what it was 5 years ago. Entirely new categories have been developed, such as Luxury Vinyl Tiling (LVT) or High Pressure flooring for contract environments. There is a limitless selection of colours and textures.

But on the supply and fit side the innovation has been been slower. 

One of the pain points we have encountered is with businesses who require a nationwide flooring service. They typically carve up the UK by different service providers which means poor buying and inconsistent service levels.

At Kite, we focus on using technology to remove market inefficiencies. For example, we use cutting edge surveying technology to survey any property in the UK within 48 hours. This means our clients can receive a bespoke quote within 72 hours, having never left their desk. We then deploy our team of mobile fitters, working nationwide, who can usually fitting within two weeks. Finally, we provide a video walkthrough of the property, providing clients with a before and after record.

From a clients’s perspective this means –

  1. They don’t have to visit the property to get a quote.
  2. They don’t have to worry about getting measurements wrong.
  3. They won’t need to over order, just in case.
  4. They have a single contractor, nationwide, who takes ownership of each and every project, end to end.
  5. They have peace of mind that the project has been successfully completed without needing to attend the property.

We call this our Nationwide Local Service, a service specifically designed for nationwide property professionals.

Ultimately, at Kite, we’re still in the service business, so our people will always be central to everything we do. But we know we can deploy technology across our processes to improve client experience.

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