We always start the process by asking our customers to try and find images of rooms they like. This can be on our website, or anywhere from Pinterest or Instagram.

With each floor, we then think along three lines –

Colour – Is it light, mid-tone or dark? Is the colour consistent or are there variations? Does the floor have knots or no knots at all?

Shape – Is the floor straight board, or patterned (think Herringbone or Chevron)? Are the planks wide or thin?

Texture – Is the floor smooth, textured (like a reclaimed floor), or something in the middle.

Thinking along these three features helps whittle down the 1,000s of options and prevents customers from going down a rabbit hole of choice!

Floor samples can be ordered for our Newington Range and Kent Range online. At Kite, we believe you can’t choose a floor based on these samples, so for these ranges, we try and supplement our product pages with as many images and videos as possible.

For our Clissold and London Range, we don’t post out samples, as we believe for premium floors, you need to see large sample boards before making a decision.

Some of our floors are available to purchase directly online. Make sure you use our measuring guide to work out how much flooring you will need, and also check on the lead time (some of our floors we have in stock, others we have to make). For our premium floors, if fitting services are required, or even if you just feel you need some extra help, we will carry out a site visit. This can be booked through our contact form here, or you can call us on 0207 427 6053.

During our site visits, we will take a selection of large sample boards to your property so you can view the floors in the actual light. We will also offer advice on any technical questions at the same time, such as how thick should the floor be, should it be fitted floated or glued down, how much flooring to order, any door bars that will be required, and how to prepare your subfloor.

Of course, you can also visit our showroom in Shoreditch, but bear in mind the light is very different here compared to most properties (it has a double fronted window so is very light!). It is not uncommon for people to choose a floor in our showroom and then change to a different floor after we have done a site visit.

After our site visit, we will be able to prepare a detailed quotation, setting out exactly what charges will be due, either for just the floor or for fitting as well.

Once you are happy with the quotation, we will then take payment.

We take payment for the flooring and any accessories required upfront. 60% of the fitting costs are also due to confirm a fitting date, with the remainder due upon completion.

For some of our floors, such as the Newington Lewis or the Newington Daniel, we try and keep them in stock. If these floors are available, we will deliver them as soon as you need them.

For most of our other floors, we make them to order. Floors can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 6 weeks to make, but throughout that process, we will keep you updated. Once the floor is in our warehouse, you just need to let us know when you need it.

It’s pretty common for us to store floors for clients, which is a free service we offer.

Unlike many other flooring companies, we don’t believe in kerbside delivery. For the majority of deliveries, we do them ourselves, which means we pay a little bit more to carry them out, but it also means our team will call you in advance of arrival and assist you with unloading. This is especially helpful for our customers who live in flats!

If we’re just supplying you a floor, remember, we’re on hand provide any technical advice to your contractor when they fit the floor. We can also provide them any accessories they might need, such as door bars, underlay and wood glues, but please contact us in advance of your contractor needing these.

If we’re fitting the floor, the delivery of the flooring and accessories will take place in advance of the fitting date. This ensures everything is ready to go, in advance of works starting. It also ensures the flooring acclimatises to its new surroundings.

We will always give you an estimate of how long the project is likely to take. Of course, with any trade, sometimes works happen quicker or slower than expected. Throughout the process, our customer liaison team will keep you fully informed.

Once works have been completed, you will be able to review the final finish. Once you are happy, we will then issue an invoice for the final amount.