Tiny samples don’t work…

There we said it. And yet flooring companies continue to post them out. At our site visits, we see sample piles and they’re indistinguishable from one another! Take our advice you can’t choose a floor like this.

Wood is a natural product, so when oils are applied, how they take to the wood is random. This means the final colour will vary, sometimes by 5%, if the wood has no knots and the oils are strong, sometimes by 15%, if the floor is rustic.

Also, different floors have different knot filling strategies. Some are machine-filled in a filler that matches the floor. Some are hand-filled in a contrasting fill, normally black. Cheaper floors will have poorly filled knots, in random colour (the manufacturer uses the same filler for all their floors…).

At Kite, we post out large samples for some of our ranges, but we don’t recommend you choose your floor based solely on these. This is why we supplement our product pages with as many photos and videos as possible.

If possible, especially for our patterned and premium floors, we recommend you view our large sample boards. You can either do this through a site visit or at our Shoreditch showroom.

You can browse our range below, or click on the link below to review our range.

Our Sampling Process

Lewis Chevron

£95.00 per m²

Lewis Mixed Grade – 220mm wide – £79 per m²

£227.00 per pack (2.88 m²)

Lewis Herringbone Large Prime

£82.00 per m²

Daniel Chevron

£101.00 per m²

Daniel Herringbone Large Prime

£92.00 per m²

Natural Oak Large Prime

£92.00 per m²

Lewis Herringbone Medium – Rustic

£69.00 per m²

Maurice Herringbone Medium

£85.00 per m²

Mathis Herringbone Medium

£85.00 per m²

Daniel Herringbone Medium

£85.00 per m²

Lewis Herringbone Medium Prime

£75.00 per m²

Natural Oak Medium

£69.00 per m²

Charred Oak

£110.00 per m²






Smoked Coffee

Dark Grey

Light Grey


Smoked Natural