Smoked Natural

Smoked Natural, is a smoked floor that has deep red colours within it. Prices start from £75 + vat per m².

The Clissold Range is a made to order floor, so is completely customisable in terms of shape, grade of wood and thickness. With this range you’ll get a consistent colour across the planks as it’s a two part process to finish the floor; staining and then oiling.

We don’t post out samples of our premium floors, as you need to see a large sample board to judge them. Get in touch if you would like us to arrange this, either at your property or at the showroom.

All prices include VAT. Contact if you need extra help ordering.

Why we like it?

  • Our Clissold Range is a bespoke floor. This means you can choose your specification, from shape (straight, herringbone or chevron), width (140mm up to 300mm), thickness, and grade (with knots, slightly less knots, or a clean grade). We can even add texture through brushing or cross sawing.
  • With these floors the wood is stained prior to receiving a top coat of oil. These reactive stains make the colours more consistent than floors in our Newington range, that just have two coats of UV Oil.
  • Our Smoked Natural finish, has been smoked, giving it red tones. Unlike a UV coloured floor, these colours sit deep within the wood structure.

Why you should look elsewhere?

  • As this floor is stained, and then oiled, it takes longer to make. For this reason it’s more expensive than the floors in our Newington Range.
  • If you’re looking for an older, weathered look, consider something from our London Range. These floors have more texture. Having said this, the Smoked Natural can be heavy brushed, giving you both the colour of a smoked floor, with the texture of a rustic finish.
  • This is one of our favourite floors. If you’re looking for a super modern floor, consider a lighter floor, such as the Silvia.
Product Info

Mid Tone


Prime, A-B, Rustic






U Bevel (3mm), V Bevel (2mm)


Birch Plywood

Finishing Strategy

Oiled – Reactive Stain and UV Oil

Fitting Strategy

Floated, Glued Down

Knot Strategy

Machine Filled – Matching Floor


150cm to 250cm (mixed lengths)


French Oak finished in Belgium



Pack Size


Top Layer


Underfloor Heating

Yes, less than 18mm thickness

Ordering Process

Our floors are either...

  • "Stocked" in which case they are available to purchase on line, and can be delivered within 3 to 4 working days.
  • "Variable Stocked" where sometimes we have access to them quickly, other times we have to wait. Contact us for availability.
  • "Made to Order" which are available on a 5 to 7 week lead time, depending on the finish. We will confirm the exact delivery time after an order has been placed.

For all our floors, once they have been paid for, we will store them for free prior to them being required onsite. We only require 48 hours to arrange a delivery.