We are at the beginning of our sustainability journey

But, right from the beginning, there are a couple of promises we make to customers

Kite Sustainability – Big Ambitions

-Our products are procured from ethically managed forests. The most well-renowned organisation that audits is the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC). They are a non-profit, global organisation, dedicated to promoting and independently assessing Forest management. (


-We consider our emissions. From a retail perspective, this means working with suppliers that i) use solvent-free lacquers, ii) reduce dust emissions to their lowest amount and iii) have internationally recognised low emissions classifications from independent bodies. For example, our provider for Laminate, based in Belgium, is rated A+ for their VOC emissions. Within Kite, it means keeping product movement to a minimum. If possible, when we can collect from our factories, we will deliver direct to site. Many flooring companies ship from the Far East, or even if they buy from Europe, will ship to a remote distribution centre, before engaging a further company for the last-mile delivery. This means your product could well travel up and down the country before arriving at your property.

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