London - The Textured Floor

Our London range represents a selection of the best rustic floors we have found. These boards are hand-scraped and brushed, giving them a similar appearance to reclaimed wood. They have also had their knots filled with black filler giving character to the planks.

All the floors from our London Range are made on Asian Oak and are finished in Belgium. They come in 190cm widths and are 15mm thick. Note we can create these finishes on different width boards, but it is then a bespoke floor.

You can buy cheaper reclaimed effect floors on the market, but we often see poorly filled knots or inconsistent oil application on these types of floors. Our advice, if budgets are lower, is go for a more straightforward finish from our Newington Range. Whilst the quality is still high, there are fewer processes to make these floors, so the price is lower.

The Arnold, Gasly and Oliver are priced at £99 per m². The Gustard and the Joseph are £105 per m².

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