Our Curated Range

Our curated range includes 5 engineered wood options, each in 6 to 8 different colours. Pricing starts from £50 per m2.

We also offer laminate floors from £26 per m2.

Engineered Wood

Type into Google, and there are 96,100,000 references to Engineered Wood Flooring, as most retailers simply list 100s of different manufacturers for sale.

At Kite we’ve taken these 96 million references and refined them to 5 ranges, with 6 to 8 colours in each.

The range starts with the Hampton Range. These finishes are straight-forward, high-quality floors. Here, the character of the wood gives the floors their appeal, rather than any finishing processes. The four colours are available in 19cm width and 21cm width boards, and prices start at £50 per m2. These are stocked, so available on fast lead times.

For a more design-led finish, opt for our Newington range, a 14mm thick, 190mm wide straight, engineered oak board. This is available in 6 colours, with pricing starting at £59 per m2, for the Lewis finish. We’re confident these floors are some of the best value, design-led floors on the market today.

If customers are looking for something more bespoke, they should opt for our Clissold Range. The oils here are “reactive stains” so penetrate deeper into the wood. Customers can choose from almost any width, thickness or shape, in 6 different finishes.

If customers are looking for a more rustic or reclaimed finish they can opt for our London Range. Prices for this floor, start from £75 per m2.

Finally, for those looking for patterned floors, such as Herringbone or Chevron, we offer these in our Kent Range.

If you can’t see a floor you love, please still get in touch. Our aim is to find you the perfect floor, so we may be able to make this bespoke… or we will direct you to another retailer that may have something suitable.

Our Engineered wood ranges


Our laminate is made in Belgium, again from sustainably sourced timber (it’s PEFC™ certified, as per our engineered wood). It offers the look of solid wood flooring for a cheaper price. It’s not plastic, as some people think, but made from compressed wood particles that are topped with a photographic layer, with a durable layer on top. This means it has a lifetime guarantee in residential properties. That description doesn’t sound much but technology has moved on to the extent that often it is hard to tell laminate from the actual wood flooring!

We offer two types of laminate, either a straight board, or a herringbone.

Again, as per our Engineered wood, our laminate is easy to install, with a straightforward click and lock system.

Laminate Range

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