Engineered Wood Flooring

We aim is to take the guesswork out of flooring

Type into Google, and there are 96,100,000 references to Engineered Wood Flooring, as most retailers simply list 100s of different manufacturers for sale.

But there is a huge difference between products; both in terms of finish, thickness, core material, and style. And even professional buyers struggle to make the correct choice at a fair price.

At Kite, we’ve taken these 96 million references and refined them to 6 styles with a selected number of colours. They are each made from our factories in Belgium and FranceĀ  from sustainably managed timber and come with guarantees of 15 to 30 years.

All planks are compressed with three layers, typically with a top layer of of 2.5mm to 4mm, a high-density fibreboard, and a wooden backing layer.

Our range starts with the Newington Range, a 19cm wide, engineered board, which is one of the best value, design-led products in the market.

Our Clissold range, is the next range up. This is a hard wax oiled, floor that is available in almost any width or thickness.

Our London range is our rustic floor. These floors, are hand scraped and oiled, and are for those looking for a textured floor.

Our Highbury range is our most complex finish. It recreates a reclaimed board finish, but for a cheaper price.

Finally our Kent range is for those looking for a patterned floor. Here we have a selection of Chevron and Herringbone floors.

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