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When off-the-shelf just won’t do; customising flooring specifications to meet your needs

At Kite, we believe in a curated range and our finishes cover almost all every scenario, from rustic to contemporary, from straight boards to patterned. But we also know that sometimes standard specifications need to be adjusted. For example, sometimes an extra-wide or long board is needed. Sometimes the thickness of the board needs to be adjusted to fit with the structure of the property. Or, sometimes, a design professional has a specific budget they need to work to, and the product needs to be tailored accordingly.

We had an example of this recently with a Developer in Surrey. As is always the case with a project, flooring is one of the last products to be installed. Unfortunately, this project had run over budget, and there was no budget left to install the floor that had been previously specified. Inevitably, plenty of stress ensued for the contractor, as a solution was searched for. At Kite, we were able to match the product originally specified, but reduce the thickness of both the top layer and the board, thereby reducing the spend. This was then signed off by the architect. This brought the project back within budget.

We also had another project recently, where a Residential client wanted a 4mm top layer, on our natural oak flooring. Again, we were able to adjust our product accordingly, to meet the client’s wishes.

Bespoke, isn’t everything; we sell more products in standard sizes, as they are generally cheaper. But, if your project has a specific requirement, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’ll likely have the solution.

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