Maurice Rustic – £72 per m²

£207.00 per pack (2.88 m²)

This floor is great for those looking for a dark, warmer floor, but not too dark. The quality of the oils, and timber, make this one of the best value engineered floors on the market in the UK.

You can order samples of this floor online. This is a made to order floor, so contact us on to purchase this floor. The floor is sold in packs, each containing 2.88 m² of flooring (£72 vat per m²).

For help in calculating how many packs you need, click here – Measuring a Room – Kite Flooring

All prices include VAT. Contact if you need extra help ordering.

Why we love it?

  • This colour is great for those looking for a darker floor, but not too dark. It’s great for cosy bedrooms.
  • It’s a Rustic floor, so has knots up to 50mm. This means it has lots of character. Note, the knots are machine filled with a matching filler, meaning the floor still looks modern.
  • 190mm width boards will almost always look great. They’re not too wide, not too narrow.
  • An oiled floor that works in a busy family environment. This floor has two coats of Ciranova oil (basically the BMW of wood oils). The floor is brushed between coats meaning the oil sits deep within the floor structure, improving performance.
  • Easy to maintain – As this is a straight forward finish, any marks can be easily repaired through the use of inexpensive maintenance oils.
  • Easy to fit – our floors are accurately milled and then finished in Belgium. Kite is also a fitting business; any floor we sell has always been fitted prior to sale.
  • Great Value – Due to the quality of oils and accuracy of the milling, we believe this to be one of the best value floors on the market.

Why look elsewhere?

  • Darker floors will make a room feel cosier. If you have narrow or low ceiling rooms, consider a lighter floor.
  • This floor is Rustic, so will have knots up to 50mm. This also means you get colour variations across the planks. If you’re looking for a more consistent colour, then the floor needs to have less knots. It also helps if the floor is stained prior to applying the top coat of oil. This happens with our more premium floors.
  • If you have a very large room, say greater than 6m in width, a wider plank may look better. We can offer this floor on a bespoke basis.
Product Info

Mid Tone

Pack Size








Top Layer



Light Brushed

Knot Strategy

Machine Filled – Matching Floor


Micro V on long side (1mm)





Finishing Strategy

Oiled – Two Coats of UV Ciranova Oil

Fitting Strategy

Floated, Glued Down


Asian Oak finished in Belgium

Underfloor Heating


Ordering Process

Our floors are either...

  • "Stocked" in which case they are available to purchase on line, and can be delivered within 3 to 4 working days.
  • "Variable Stocked" where sometimes we have access to them quickly, other times we have to wait. Contact us for availability.
  • "Made to Order" which are available on a 5 to 7 week lead time, depending on the finish. We will confirm the exact delivery time after an order has been placed.

For all our floors, once they have been paid for, we will store them for free prior to them being required onsite. We only require 48 hours to arrange a delivery.